Tuesday Sept 11th Intro to Drop Spinning

Intro To Drop Spinning: Learn the basics of spinning on a drop spindle.

This is a great intro if you are interested in creating small amounts of unique yarn or thinking about spinning on a wheel.

The class will cover roving vs batt, drafting, and plying. We will also talk about setting your twist and singles.

Tools needed: A spindle either top whorl or bottom whorl.
Northwest Wools generally has a good selection. Or make a cd Spindle. There are many online sources for drop spindles if you need help selecting one please feel free to contact me.

Supplies Needed: You will need some wool. Pick a wool like blue-faced leicester (BFL) or corriedale, these wools have a rougher hand and will be perfect for first time spinners. I will bring a selection of wools to try so do not worry if you are unable to find wool.

Please also bring a couple toilet paper/paper towel rolls.

Optional Tools: Niddy-Noddy and ball winder


littleputbooks said...

Ack! I am so excited for this!

Danielle said...

Me To! I got these cute little roving puffs for people to try diffent colors. They make super cute mini amounts of yarn.