Sept 25th: Beginning Chainmaille Weaving

-At least 10 feet or so 18 to 20 gauge wire. Colored craft wire is inexpensive for beginning projects. The more kinds of wire, the merrier!

-Small smooth round dowels for making jump rings (1/4 inch diameter is good, a round pencil or anything stiff enough will do in a pinch)

-Flush cutters

-*Two* pairs small pliers - I will bring my extras and encourage you to do the same :)

Extras: earwires, clasps, charms, hammer and bench block or wire whacker, jeweler's saw IF you already know how to use it safely :)

Most of these things are readily available at Joann's, Michaels, or bead and craft shops around town. I am happy to help with more specific projects anyone may have!


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I have never done this style of work. I am really excited to try it.